Vision & Values

Kirk Hallam students are scholars. The dictionary tells us that scholar means “someone who learns things at school in a particular way”; for example, if someone is a good scholar, they are good at learning.

What we learn at Kirk Hallam Academy is more than just subject knowledge. At Kirk Hallam, we learn how to be citizens and we build our futures through striving for Excellence. No Excuses.

At Kirk Hallam Academy, we strive to be excellent, we work towards excellence and we will only ever settle for being excellent. This is the case for all members of our academy, adult and child alike.

Excellence means having an outstanding feature or quality. For us these qualities are rooted in how we approach learning, how we act around school, how we represent our school and ourselves within the community.

Within each lesson we expect scholars to:

  • Work hard to demonstrate learning
  • Take time to revise work to make it better
  • Listen to teachers and each other
  • Give strong answers to questions when asked
  • Be positive and achieve

Scholars at Kirk Hallam will be rewarded for being excellent and will be reminded of how to change behaviours should they not reach excellence. These reminders will come through assessment of work, through feedback and through corrections and consequences should our rules and cultural norms be broken. All of our norms exist to help everyone become scholarly.

Within each lesson we expect teachers to:

  • Plan excellent learning opportunities
  • Give clear and consistent instruction
  • Assess Scholars work and give ways to improve it
  • Be fair and consistent, using Corrections and consequences as needed
  • Be positive and reward excellence

We reward positive behaviours at Kirk Hallam Academy. Our scholars are taught to display the following characteristics because we believe that these will help them throughout their lives.

We want our scholars to work with purpose, to know what is expected of them and to then do it. We will reward scholars for completing their homework, for working hard consistently and doing their job. Our prime purpose is learning.
We want our scholars to act with respect. This means respecting each other, respecting our environment, including our physical environment, and following our routines. We treat each other with respect so that we can build an excellent school together, where learning comes first.
We want our scholars to be intelligent. This intelligence is about learning new ideas and skills in the classroom, but also about being intelligent in how we approach situations and interact with people to ensure that nothing interferes with learning.
We want our scholars to be determined. We won’t always get things right first time, but we have to have the confidence to keep going, and the grit to keep trying. We know that learning often comes through making mistakes, what is important is that we learn from them.
We want our scholars to be excellent. Excellence means becoming extremely good at something. When we teach anything, it is in the expectation that learning will be extremely good, that behaviour will be extremely good and that our outcomes will be extremely good.