We are closed for the summer from 17/7/20. Years 7 and 11 return on 4/9/2020 with full reopening from 7/9/2020.

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The teaching area

The language facility is based in a suite of 3 well-resourced classrooms. Each classroom has a digital projector and the use of ICT plays an integral role in our teaching of languages. When possible, pupils use the Internet in our ICT rooms to access authentic resources and deepen their intercultural understanding of the country where the language is spoken.

The students are taught in ability groups in KS3 and in mixed ability option groups in KS4 and 5.


At Kirk Hallam Community Academy, we offer two languages at KS3 (French and German) with alternate year 7s taking either French or German and currently run both these languages as option groups at GCSE. The Sixth Form also has groups in both French and German, and promoting further study is encouraged academically and for enjoyment.

We have a challenging and purposeful Key Stage 3 Scheme which has a direct pathway for accessing the GCSE course. We accompany our scheme with Allez and Zoom textbooks and interactive resources from Oxford University Press.

Lessons are delivered using a wide variety of teaching methods, with student-centered learning at the heart of planning. The target language is also regularly used to give instructions and to communicate in the classroom.

We also offer the opportunity in year 8 to be a 'dual-linguist'. Students who show aptitude for learning the language on offer in year 7, can study the second language during consolidation time in year 8. The course is intensive and enables students to pick their second language as an option for GCSE if they choose to.

Trips and Residential Visits​

The MFL faculty has a long tradition of running trips and residentials​ abroad. Currently we offer a trip in both Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. In year 7, we offer a trip to Normandy (for students studying French) and a trip to the Rheinland (for students studying German).

The trip to Normandy includes visits to D-Day landing beaches, the American War Cemetery, The Bayeux Tapestry, a visit to a market in Caen, The 360 degree cinema and an afternoon at a local theme park (Festy Land). The trip to the Rheinland includes a boat trip through the beautiful Moselle Valley and a visit to a music museum in the picturesque village of Rüdesheim, as well as cable car rides up the sides of the valley, a visit to the fairytale castle Burg Eltz, a trip to one of the largest theme parks in Europe (Phantasialand) and a visit to an outdoor pool. Both these trips are extremely popular and are remembered and talked about for many years by the students.

In the October of year 11. the German team put on a very popular trip to Berlin to study the history and culture of this vibrant and ever changing city. The year 11 French students are also able to visit Paris in the December to soak up some of the world famous sights and museums.

We are an enthusiastic and dedicated team of linguists who believe in bringing languages alive in our classrooms and endeavour to produce future star linguists!


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